Valtech Technical Consultants provides full technical and business support to research organizations on strategic partnering and obtaining funding and resources from government, non-profit and for-profit organizations. Our in-depth practical knowledge of the pharmaceutical product development business and strategies for partnering combined with our contacts with relevant stakeholders will be leveraged to successfully advance your products and grow the value of your business. Our mission is to bring innovative therapeutic, vaccine and diagnostic platforms and products forward to combat infectious diseases and improve the quality of life for all people.

We are committed to providing the best possible solutions on product development strategies and technical approaches that allow you to easily engage the appropriate stakeholders to grow your scientific programs. With our extensive experience working with leaders in industry, government, non-profit organizations and academia, our team can provide you with valuable information on how to position your programs for funding and improve your success on applications and proposals through engaging our clients. We are former government employees and industry leaders that are committed to excellence with the vision of establishing productive relationships for you to obtain and maintain funding and resources to advance your programs. Together, we have established and built business relationships with hundreds of product developers and technology innovators and have numerous contacts at funding agencies and institutes. Combining our customer relationship experience with the knowledge of how the funding systems work at these organizations, we can efficiently match your organization with the right people, partners, funding resources and services for productive collaborations.

Our Services include but not are not limited to the following: Academic, Corporate, Non-Profit and Government Partnering; Strategic Planning; Product Evaluation and Technical Guidance, Research Collaboration and Outreach; Program Management, Target Discovery and Evaluation, Pre-clinical Research; Regulatory Approaches, Clinical Research through IV studies Biosafety Analysis, Implementation and Training Federal Grant and Contract Funding and Administration; Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property.