Karen Long-Rowe

Dr. Karen Long-Rowe has 22 years of industry experience in vaccine research and development. She is subject matter expert with over 30 years of technical knowledge in extraction, purification, and characterization processes of complex biological solutions. Karen earned her B.S. degree in Biological Sciences from Florida Institute of Technology, M.S. degree in Marine Biology/Biochemistry from the College of Marine Studies at University of Delaware, and a Ph. D. degree in Marine Sciences/Biochemistry from University of Maryland at Baltimore. She began her corporate research career as a Post-doctoral Scientist at North American Vaccine where she was promoted to Senior Research Scientist prior to acquisition by Baxter BioSciences. At Baxter BioSciences, she developed extraction, purification and analytical processes to support vaccine candidates for Group A Streptococcus, Group B streptococcus, Group B Meningococcus, Bordetella pertussis, Anthrax, and Lyme Disease. As a Principal Scientist at Emergent BioSolutions, Karen conducted analytical and formulation research and development on vaccine candidates for Biodefense Programs. Her expertise encompasses scale-up of purification processes, technology transfer to process/analytical development and clinical manufacturing, and stability/forced degradation and desorption procedures for antigens and oligonucleotide adjuvants. She has developed and reviewed purification and test method protocols, standard operation procedures, intellectual property applications, patents and product license applications in support of QC/QA and Regulatory Affairs. She also has volunteered for the ATLAS/STEM Programs as an invited speaker.